Preparing for our fall publishing season with new distributor

In March Kirsten and I flew out to Minneapolis to meet with our new distributor, Consortium Book Sales and Distribution.  We landed smack into the country’s crazy spring weather.  The lake behind our friends’ home there was covered in ice on Saturday when we arrived.  By Sunday the 80 degree wind had cleared the ice and my host and I took an inaugural swim.

Still feeling invigorated, we met with the Consortium folks all day the following Tuesday to meet the staff and get oriented.  We came back to Utah with thick binders of information and feeling the need to put more energy into marketing and publicity.  We turned hopefully to our intern, Anne Terashima, with whom we have been very impressed, to see if she wanted to join us as an employee when she graduates from Westminster College this May.  Anne cheerfully agreed and we look forward to getting started with Anne in just a few weeks.

Next we are off to New York for Consortium’s sales conference there to give a brief pitch to the sales reps about our upcoming four titles for the fall season and acquaint them with our existing catalog.  Serendipitously, I will be able to catch my daughter, Kristen Bailey, acting in her company’s play there, Sophie’s Horns.

In the meanwhile we are pleased to learn that The Scholar of Moab has won The Association of Mormon Letters 2011 Novel of the Year award.  Last year’s winner was Brady Udall for novel The Lonely Polygamist.  Congratulations to author Steven L. Peck.  In addition, Renee Thompson’s The Plume Hunter won the Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye award for superior cover art. Congratulations to Jeffrey Fuller, our book designer and Greg Downing, photographer.


About Torrey House Press

Torrey House Press is an independent nonprofit publisher promoting environmental conservation through literature.   We believe that culture is changed through conversation and that lively contemporary literature is the cutting edge of social change. By building and engaging community in the conversation of conservation, we make our contribution to, as Wallace Stegner hoped for, a “society to match the scenery." THP books are distributed by Consortium Books Sales and Distribution, a subsidiary of Ingram Content Group.
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