The Typographer

anne-tWe have been indoctrinating Torrey House associate editor and publicist Anne Terashima with the joys of copy editing and into Hell’s inner circles of book design with InDesign. She likes it so much she wrote a poem.

The Typographer

The typographer pores over serifs, contemplates apertures big and small, sheds tears of joy and frustration over lachrymal terminals, the unpredictability of pixels (which he’d rather not deal with at all—the days of ink and page drawing to a close). Diagrams sheet the walls, chart the axis of the stroke through the ages. No windows, only a large, blank swatch of parchment, thick and bone-hued, on which he occasionally rests his eyes. A thankless occupation, typography—and a tricky one. Readers must be drawn to the type and unaware of it. A page about bicycles, for instance, must seem to zip along, swift, cyclical—no spokes clouding the insides of Os, no pedals dragging the ends of Ps, no padded seats atop Ts. He dreams in sans serif: lightly, pleasantly. His nightmares are scrawled. He attends to kerning as if it were an Irish jig—with dignity, punctuated by appropriate amounts of glee as he adjusts the slight space between letters. Homeward-bound, he savors a sweet breeze across his face. His thoughts italicize.

We love our Anne.

About Torrey House Press

Torrey House Press is an independent nonprofit publisher promoting environmental conservation through literature.   We believe that culture is changed through conversation and that lively contemporary literature is the cutting edge of social change. By building and engaging community in the conversation of conservation, we make our contribution to, as Wallace Stegner hoped for, a “society to match the scenery." THP books are distributed by Consortium Books Sales and Distribution, a subsidiary of Ingram Content Group.
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1 Response to The Typographer

  1. “No windows, only a large, blank swatch of parchment, thick and bone-hued, on which he occasionally rests his eyes.” I love that line!

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