Why a robust response to Bundys at Malheur is important

Mark muses on principle, conservation, and the implied importance of literature.

Thots and Shots

Equal justice under law


The immense damage I see to public lands in southern Utah caused by private livestock grazing motivated me to start Torrey House Press. The public would not put up with current land management practices if they knew about them and I want to get the word out in literature.  The land practices are absurd, and I will get to that, but what concerns me even more about the Bundys taking siege to the public buildings at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is how it makes a mockery of the American principle of equal justice under law. Cliven Bundy has twice been convicted in federal court for illegal livestock grazing and for failure to pay grazing fees. In April 2014, after 20 years of illegal grazing, Bundy and his sons, along with numerous heavily armed protesters in cowboy hats, held the federal government off…

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About Torrey House Press

Torrey House Press is an independent nonprofit publisher promoting environmental conservation through literature.   We believe that culture is changed through conversation and that lively contemporary literature is the cutting edge of social change. By building and engaging community in the conversation of conservation, we make our contribution to, as Wallace Stegner hoped for, a “society to match the scenery." THP books are distributed by Consortium Books Sales and Distribution, a subsidiary of Ingram Content Group.
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4 Responses to Why a robust response to Bundys at Malheur is important

  1. Well stated Mark. Tim DeChristopher did the right thing, non violently. He served time for confronting abuses of the public lands held in trust. Completely wrong to have the Bundy group pressing an agenda through violence and intimidation.

  2. James Allen says:

    Good show Mark. Go after them. And keeep it up, along with your other good works.

  3. Scott Abbott says:

    A strong and thoughtful statement Mark. Thanks for saying what needs to be said, widely said.

  4. Jonathan Klein says:

    What’s the difference between wanting a caliphate and a cow-liphate? Not much! Same mentality of trying to impose God’s will with a gun. I say we round em up and make em eat bean curd. Who’s with me?
    Thanks Mark

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