Staff and Board of Directors

THP Board of Directors

Kitty Swenson, Chair
Kirtly Parker Jones, Vice Chair
Christine Arthur
Rose Chilcoat
Heidi Dexter
Anne Holman
Soren Jespersen
Nancy Sears
Lise Solomon
Kirsten Johanna Allen, Publisher
Mark Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer

THP Advisory Board

Nancy Stauffer Cahoon
Thomas Lowe Fleischner
Kevin Gaither-Banchoff
Mary Ellen Hannibal

Sarah Peterson

Charlie Quimby
Scott Slovic
Stephen Trimble
Mary Evelyn Tucker
Brooke Williams
Terry Tempest Williams

THP Staff
Kirsten Johanna AllenPublisher, Editorial Director

Kirsten claims roots in New York City; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Lund, Nevada. Her professional background includes piano performance and teaching, public health data analysis, college writing instruction, and freelance writing and editing. She has two grown children, Matt and Amanda, who spent a chunk of their childhood summers on road trips with their mom to eastern Nevada and Utah’s mountains and deserts. Though she’s a native New Yorker, Kirsten feels most at home hiking in Utah’s red rock deserts. She lives with her husband, Mark, in Salt Lake City and Torrey, Utah. Email Kirsten at

Anne TerashimaAssociate Editor, Publicist

Anne is from South Jordan, Utah. Always up for a change of scene, she spent a year of college in Virginia and another in London, returning to her beloved Utah mountains in between. She holds a degree in English and Creative Writing from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she’s not taking advantage of poetic license, Anne enjoys playing flute, running, hiking, and indulging in YA fiction. Email



photo 2 copy 2

Alisha Anderson — Development and Community Relations Manager

Alisha was born in northern California. After a brief time in Colorado, she moved to Utah where she received her BFA in Studio Arts from Brigham Young University and her MS in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah. She enjoys using both her degrees in creating art and stories about our relationship to the land, especially Utah’s exquisite landscapes. Email Alisha at



Mark Bailey — Founder

Mark is a retired partner from Wasatch Advisors, Inc., an investment management firm headquartered in Salt Lake City. He raised a daughter and son on the ski slopes of the Wasatch Mountains and in the red rocks of southern Utah and lives in Salt Lake City and in Torrey, Utah.


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