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Bad Romance?

Originally posted on Committed to the Quest:
Cliven Bundy rides his horse waving the American flag. He’s a Fox News hero who refused to pay fees and fines for illegally grazing his cows on federal lands for 20 years and…

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Green Shorts, Charles Manson, and Literature and Conservation in the West

This piece originally appeared in The Wildlife News. Ten years ago I read Michael Chrichton’s novel State of Fear. While far from his best work, it was his usual roller coaster of a techno-thriller. And, rather strangely, it was blatantly … Continue reading

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Welcome Again Unsolicited Manuscripts

With the success of three of our recent titles that came to us as unsolicited manuscripts, we have decided we had better open our doors again and encourage more. In late April of 2013 Anne Holman of The King’s English … Continue reading

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Why Culture Matters

The day I realized I am a Westerner, I was in New York City. I was visiting family in my hometown and bent down to talk to my three-year-old in what felt like a miniature grocery store aisle. Crouching among … Continue reading

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