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Musings and philosophy on the meaning and importance of natural and wild places.

Torrey House Press Welcomes Alisha Anderson

With fire in her eyes, Terry Tempest Williams enthusiastically took hold of Torrey House Press publisher and executive director Kirsten Allen’s arm. It was late November 2015 and Terry and Kirsten were at Back of Beyond Book’s silver anniversary party … Continue reading

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Why a robust response to Bundys at Malheur is important

Mark muses on principle, conservation, and the implied importance of literature.

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NGO’s, authors, booksellers, and why we publish

Originally posted on Torrey House Press:
Kirsten at Hite Overlook. See the “lake?” Kirsten and I drove from Torrey to Durango this week to see Scott Graham’s book launch of Mountain Rampage at Maria’s Bookshop.  We hoped to catch up…

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Pill in the hamburger

Last October, while Kirsten and I were on the road peddling our Torrey House wares, we were walking down the streets of Taos, straight into the setting sun, looking for a place to have dinner. A stranger was walking toward … Continue reading

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Welcome Again Unsolicited Manuscripts

With the success of three of our recent titles that came to us as unsolicited manuscripts, we have decided we had better open our doors again and encourage more. In late April of 2013 Anne Holman of The King’s English … Continue reading

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Four Girls, Two Canoes: A Trip Down Labyrinth Canyon

My experiences with water have not been unusual. I wash dishes. I water the tomato plants on my balcony, when I remember. I enjoy lounging by implausibly blue swimming pools while reading, slathered in SPF 50. Sometimes I even take … Continue reading

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Preparing for our fall publishing season with new distributor

In March Kirsten and I flew out to Minneapolis to meet with our new distributor, Consortium Book Sales and Distribution.  We landed smack into the country’s crazy spring weather.  The lake behind our friends’ home there was covered in ice … Continue reading

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Photo Finish

We are coming down to the wire on the nonfiction contest and we have brought in the tie-breaker.  We will have announcements by mid-day tomorrow!

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THP Update

Renée Thompson’s The Plume Hunter is ready at the printer for readings and advanced review copies — release date December 1.  Renée has her first reading this Saturday, October 15, at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.  Stephen Peck’s The … Continue reading

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No Boundary

To further examine the crossover between consciousness and the value of natural landscape I took a first look at the thinking of philosopher Ken Wilber.   I hear he is kind of a heavy weight. Deepak Chopra’s blurb on the cover of … Continue reading

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Brothers and Wild Places

My only brother, Mike Bailey, died this summer, alone and in despair, and by his own hand.  In our pain and dismay, all of us who loved him search for meaning and lesson in the devastating loss of a magnificent … Continue reading

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The Earth has a Soul

Last week while I was reading  Meredith Sabini’s The Earth has a Soul, C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life, Apple Inc. became the world’s most valuable company, surpassing Exxon in total market capitalization.  A friend pointed this fact … Continue reading

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Renée Thompson, Author Visit

Renée Thompson and her husband Steve joined us in Salt Lake this weekend for a new author visit.  THP will be publishing Renée’s novel The Plume Hunter this fall and we brought her out to have a chance to meet Renée … Continue reading

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2011 Writing Contest Honorable Mentions

“Touchstone” Larry Menlove lives near the tail end of the Wasatch Range, but not quite the tail, more near the haunch. His work has appeared in Weber Studies, Storyglossia, Dialogue, Irreantum, 12 Stories, and others. He is a two-time winner … Continue reading

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How Separate are Man and Nature?

The other night my wife Kirsten and I invited my folks over for dinner to celebrate my father’s 79th birthday. My Dad was raised in rural Nephi, Utah, then went on to the University of Utah, got married and went … Continue reading

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Time Travel

I first heard the saying that if you don’t like the weather in the West in the Spring wait a minute from my old grand-dad.  I got up this morning and told Kirsten, who is not happy with all the … Continue reading

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THP Fiction Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners and the honorable mentions of the Torrey House Press Winter Fiction Contest.  Our kudos go out to all 50 contest entrants for finding us and mounting the courage to get your work out there.  The four … Continue reading

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New Author Weekend

Kirsten and I spent the weekend in Torrey with THP’s first author Maximilian Werner and his beautiful young family.  Max was in Torrey to read from his first book of fly fishing essays, Black River Dreams, at the reading’s host … Continue reading

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THP Progress Report

Things at growing THP are moving along nicely.  We have signed an author contract with a terrific new author whom we will announce soon.  Kirsten is working with the author on  final touches on the manuscript.  As they finish up … Continue reading

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>Stop Them Before They Legislate Again!

> It’s an eyebrow raiser to see how often the social network community comments how grateful they are that the Utah legislative session is almost over.   A state gun, firearms on campus, Tea Party members stumping for CUP water … Continue reading

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>THP’s e-office: Technology, Productivity and Paradox

>I’m a sap for technology.  Kirsten and I drove down to Torrey from Salt Lake this weekend for the first time in four or five weeks.  We keep a virtual office at both our Salt Lake place and Torrey place, … Continue reading

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>Fiction Contest Closes

> The first Torrey House Press fiction contest closed last night with about 44 entries.  It is going to be interesting to see the quality of the writing that found THP in this first go around.  Writing was submitted from … Continue reading

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>Expressing the West

>It’s hard to say why it is worth putting time and energy into protecting and conserving the West.  It’s not that there aren’t a lot of good reasons, it is simply literally hard to express the concepts.  Ten years ago … Continue reading

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>Give me the money, now get out of here . . .

>Yesterday the Salt Lake Tribune ran an article (here) on President Obama’s proposed federal budget and the cutbacks proposed for the Central Utah Project.  After recently re-reading Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert I’m feeling more savvy to the extent of the … Continue reading

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>The Tragedy of the Commons

>James Fallows of The Atlantic is a favorite writer of mine.  I first noticed him when he came out with his book More Like Us in the 80’s regarding the Japan Inc. competitive scare.  Fallows’ argument was that to compete … Continue reading

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>This Blog’s Agenda

>I started Torrey House Press (THP) with the goal of leaving more grass on the mountains and water in the streams when I am dead and gone (I hope I’m not in a big hurry!).  Their are plenty of able … Continue reading

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>More Beavers, More Water. Utah Southern Forest Progress

>Kirsten and I spent the first week in October up on the Fish Lake Plateau with Mary O’Brien, the Utah Forest Program Director for the Grand Canyon Trust.  Mary is out dogging the Forest Service to live up to their … Continue reading

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>Your House is Sitting on the Environment

>     I had a long lunch with Zach Frankel, executive director of The Utah Rivers Council yesterday.  Like me, Zach grew to believe that telling stories might be the way to catch the attention of a greater mass of citizen … Continue reading

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>Independent Book Stores

>     I had lunch today with my old money manager friend, Andy Nelson.  In catching up on each other’s news I told Andy a bit about Torrey House Press.  Andy asked me what I thought the future of publishing was, … Continue reading

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>To many self-described conservatives in the West the word “environmentalist” a pejorative.  Aware of that we have debated how neutral or aggressive of a stance we want to take at Torrey House Press on the environment, not wanting to be … Continue reading

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