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Alibi Creek by Bev Magennis
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Lee Ann lives a pious, martyred life on her family’s southwestern New Mexico
ranch, where she cares for her ailing mother and two sons and is a trusted
county employee and loyal wife. Things spin out of control when her frustratingly carefree brother, Walker, returns to town after a two-year prison stint. Walker’s illegal activities quickly incite chaos in the town and Lee Ann’s marriage, leading Lee Ann to a drastic transformation of her beliefs and a realization of what it means to be true to oneself.
March 2016 | Fiction | 978-1-937226-55-8 | $15.95 | Trade Paper | 280 pp

 Hawks Rest cover hiHawks Rest by Gary Ferguson
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Originally published a dozen years ago, Hawks Rest
brings the wonder, politics, and wildness of one of our
nation’s most revered national parks to readers everywhere.
With a foreword by renowned author Gary
Ferguson, this new edition offers fresh insight into the
reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone and the importance of wilderness preservation in the face of today’s changing climate.
September 2015 | Nonfiction | 978-1-937226-51-0 | $14.95 | Trade Paper | 170 pp



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