Inhabited by Charlie Quimby

“Charlie Quimby is a writer with a big talent, big heart, and big social conscience. I was staggered by the authenticity of these people and their dilemmas.”
FAITH SULLIVAN, author of Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse and The Cape Ann

Meg Mogrin sells pricey houses, belongs to the mayor’s inner circle, and knows more than she’s letting on about her sister’s death. Isaac Samson lives in a tent and believes Thomas Edison invented the Reagan presidency. When their hometown attracts a game-changing development, Meg must decide between maintaining her ordered world and facing hard truths about her profession and past.

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TP ISBN: 978-1-937226-67-1| E ISBN: 978-1-937226-68-8 |$16.95 | 322 pp

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Charlie Quimby is the author of Monument Road, an Indie Next pick and Booklist Editors’ Choice in 2013. He began his writing career as playwright and arts journalist, veered into corporate communications and then founded a marketing agency that now purrs along without him. Along the way, he collected awards and developed the notion he had a few good novels in him. A native Coloradan and adopted Minnesotan, he is at home in both places.

Praise for Inhabited

“Charlie Quimby is a writer with a big talent, big heart, and big social conscience. In his second novel, Inhabited, characters finely drawn and memorable live amidst the crisscrossing lines of moral conscience, political juggling and economic expediency, a tough neighborhood. I was staggered by the authenticity of these people and their dilemmas.”
—FAITH SULLIVAN, author of Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse and The Cape Ann

“A thoroughly enjoyable novel that masterfully takes the reader on an emotionally rewarding exploration of ‘home’ and the power the concept has on the human psyche.”
—JONATHAN ODELL, author of Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League

“Charlie Quimby is the sharpest shooter in the West. Inhabited is a dramatic, honest, humane portrait of a Colorado city in the throes of great change and great choice. The characters and the setting are indelibly rendered…We’re all in the mix here—rich and poor, homeless and over–housed, rancher and eco–activist, native politician and outside scoundrel. Inhabited is a vivid, compelling story delivered with 21st–century true grit.”
—ALYSON HAGY, author of Boleto

Inhabited transforms a typical community ‘homeless problem’ into a layered drama about our responsibilities to each other and the blunders and scars we must endure. I salute Charlie Quimby for following the path of Steinbeck and Orwell in writing empathetic portraits of the ignored and the shunned.”
—JIM LYNCH, author of Before the Wind

“There’s a long fence in the West, both real and imagined, and it divides developers and environmentalists and their unique visions of what the land should look like and how it should be used. Quimby deftly weaves a tale of how the two sides have more in common than not, and how, at the end of the day, all any of us want is a place to call home.”
—ANNE HOLMAN, The King’s English Bookshop

“Charlie Quimby hits the nail on the head with his insightful descriptions of the haves and have-nots.  His second novel wrings empathy out of readers’ hearts like nothing else I’ve encountered recently. “
—MARGIE WILSON, Grand Valley Books

“Charlie Quimby’s characters are beautifully nuanced, complex, and well developed. Inhabited offers a startlingly precise insight into the world of the homeless [and] soars as a novel that explores the themes of home, family, and love.”
—PAMELA KLINGER-HORN, Excelsior Bay Books

“As he did in Monument Road, Charlie Quimby has created characters that inhabit your mind even when you’re not reading the book! Quimby [allows] us to identify so strongly with his characters that we are almost living their lives and the contradictions they present to us.  I will handsell Inhabited with the reservation that it will most likely break your heart and make you see the homeless in a new light.”
—GAYLE SHANKS, Changing Hands Bookstore

“Meg Mogrin is a real estate agent, one who can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.  But economic development, river beautification plans, and homeless camps all factor into the community of Grand Junction, Colorado.  As the dreams for the town unfold the history of the place and the people unravel.  As the leader of the homeless camp declares, ‘we are all getting over something.’  Quimby writes a wise tale of the why and how people live together, housebound and homeless—all alike in their desires.”
—BARBARA THEROUX, Fact & Fiction

“The plight of the homeless was not something I was particularly interested in and it made me hesitant to read Charlie Quimby’s Inhabited.  I’m so glad I did. This is a beautifully readable and thought-provoking book. Quimby’s ability to make us think about the people on the street corner, who they are, who they want to be, is compelling and perspective-changing. Inhabited left me with an intense feeling long after I had finished the book.  In fact, I think about it every day.  What more can you ask for from a great book?”

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