page 234

Some early copies of The Story of My Heart are missing page 234. The text of the missing page is below, and the .pdf is available here. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


The Story of My Heart

and celebrating environmental thought and expression throughout the world, I am now captivated by Richard Jefferies’ plainspoken stories of simple contact with the earth, his effort to capture private emotional responses to such contact, and his struggle to find words to match the intensity of his experience. I would now classify this book as a volume of “natural prayers.”
The Story of My Heart is so rich that I can hardly bear to read more than a few lines in one sitting. In fact, I feel slightly embarrassed to peruse Jefferies’ candid lines, as if I am eavesdropping on the author’s private whisperings. When I encounter these stories, I find myself not drawn into language, but driven out in the world, newly attentive, my own inner monologue stilled and then restarted.
I read Jefferies. I write these words. I walk outside to the grass, where I sit with my dog, listening to bees, watching tulips nod in the slight breeze, occasionally hearing traffic in the distance.

— Scott Slovic

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