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Native Voices Speak for the Bears Ears

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Red Rock Testimony gathers passionate words from three generations of writers who treasure Utah’s public lands. Copies of this limited edition chapbook will be distributed to members of Congress, donated to nonprofit organizations, and used to champion the preservation of wilderness.

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Torrey House Press is an independent nonprofit publisher promoting environmental conservation through literature.

Our Mission

To identify exceptional writers, nurture their work, and engage the widest possible audience; to publish diverse voices with transformative stories that illuminate important facets of our ever-changing planet; to develop literary resources for the conservation movement, educating and entertaining readers, inspiring action.

Our Values

We believe that culture is changed through conversation and that lively contemporary literature is the cutting edge of social change. We believe that by building and engaging community in the conversation of conservation, we make our contribution to, as Wallace Stegner hoped for, a “society to match the scenery.”

In the greater publishing world, in which both Western lands and Western literature seem to have been forgotten, Torrey House Press is not just an advocate, but a guardian. The publishers live their commitment to telling stories that emerge from red rock canyons, ponderosa forests, sun-blasted playas, dying little towns and ferociously sprawling desert cities. Working with Torrey House Press is as much an act of conscience for me as fighting to stop a uranium mine near the Grand Canyon or working to stop a developer from destroying an ephemeral Arizona wetland.” —Mary Sojourner, author of 29 and The Talker

Torrey House Press titles are distributed to the trade by
Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, a division of Perseus Books Group.

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  1. Gayle Harman says:

    Urgent! I heard the radio program last evening on Utah Public radio. I heard it driving through southern Utah on way to save a historic property from being destroyed. It is urgent that I speak with the persons in your group who can help preserve the untold story of naming the Arches from the National Geographic expeditions. There are 2000 photos in the private collection of my relatives. The town of Panguitch wants to demolish the 1870’s site from which the expeditions were launched to name the arches. (May 1962.Nat Geo) It is urgent …I have only two days to get a mayching pledge to the 501-c-3 into The Glen Canyon Institute. . Then 6 months to collect the pledges. Please call me at 801-604-3335.
    I am headed to Las Vegas and St George to collect from other relatives to help save and tell this story

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