A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography by Kayann Short

2014 Nautilus Silver Winner


2013 May Sarton Memoir Award Finalist

A Bushel’s Worth is my favorite kind of nonfiction. Not only is it about many topics close to my heart—gardening, food, family—it is a beautifully told story, and a love story at that, centered around the love of a couple, their love for the land, and a community’s love for a way of life. This book forever changed my perspective and awareness as I ‘walk out’ in my own garden.”
Katrina Kittle, author, The Blessings of the Animals

From her grandparents’ farms in mid-century North Dakota to her own Stonebridge Farm, a ten-acre, organic, community-supported agricultural farm (CSA) on the Colorado Front Range today, Kayann Short shows how small-scale, local, organic agriculture can borrow lessons of the past to cultivate sustainable communities for the future in this personal love story of land.

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Kayann Short authorphoto BWCropKayann Short, Ph.D., is a writer, farmer, teacher, and activist at Stonebridge Farm, an organic community-supported farm in the Rocky Mountain foothills. She has directed memoir and digital storytelling projects with community elders, adult literacy students, and non-profit organizations. Her writing has appeared in Women’s Review of Books, The Bloomsbury Review, Edible Front Range, and Colorado Gardener. More on her ecology-based memoir work is available at www.ecobiography.com and her blog, pearlmoonplenty. Besides growing delicious food at Stonebridge, Short teaches the important place of organic food production and agricultural preservation in a healthy, environmentally sustainable community.

Early Praise

“A heartfelt meditation on farm, food, and family. A Bushel’s Worth tells a love story of the land and a life spent caring for it.”
Hannah Nordhaus, author, The Beekeeper’s Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honeybees Help Feed America

“Kayann Short shares a passionate and often lyrical account of how she and her husband John took their first brave steps toward revitalizing a small Colorado farm and with it their lives and the community they drew around them.  This is a book about how agriculture continues to create culture when it is practiced with generosity, creativity and attention.  It is an inspiring story, a gift for all of us, both on and off the farm, who are trying to learn how to slow down our frenzied lives so that we may give ourselves to what really matters.”
Gregory Spaid, author, Grace: Photographs of Rural America

“With a companionable mix of literary and earthy sensibilities, Kayann Short writes with graceful, ferocious attentiveness [and] finds reassurance for herself and her modern family in ‘the old wisdom of the fields.'”
John Calderazzo, author, Rising Fire: Volcanoes & Our Inner Lives

“[A] beautifully written and sensually rich ‘ecobiography’ of farm life . . . A Bushel’s Worth is a loving natural history – of a farm, a marriage, and a way of life that has changed interestingly and dramatically over just a few generations.”
Jane Shellenberger, author, Organic Gardener’s Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West

“The book is a substantial meal, . . . as much about growing community as it is about growing food, and it leaves the reader with a generous bushel of instruction and inspiration on both counts.”
Susan Becker, Director, Boulder Public Library Oral History Program

A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography eloquently depicts humans and nature coexisting and mutually benefiting not only in theory, but in actuality . . . where people treat each other respectfully as they gently work on and with the land.”
Shelly Eberly, National Outings Leader, Sierra Club

10 Responses to A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography by Kayann Short

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  2. Karli Peterson says:

    How interesting to find a book on organic farming written from a woman’s perspective. Looking forward to the August publication date.

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  9. len barron says:


    Inspiring and a delicious read. I have a particular interest in env educ in the schools and
    your section on your 5th grade teacher, Mr. Oliver, is an joyous model for what needs to
    be done.

    Would love to drive out to your farm and visit before you get real busy. My dear friend Gregory Heming is creating a conference in Nova Scotia on — Local Economies and Sustainability —
    in April and in October he is organizing a conference on Climate Change at the Pugwash Cenference
    Center in Nova Scotia. He will very soon learn about your work and your book.

    I live in Boulder so I could come visit at any time which is convenient for you. My work over
    these last years is presenting a theatre piece on Einstein and Niels Bohr and how they are
    models for any one of us in our daily lives along with workshops.

    Thank you for your passion and your work.

    Len Barron

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